Artist Details

Maya Inbar
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

Maya Inbar works in a variety of media, ranging between video, sculpture and painting. Her fragmented national and cultural background has informed her works in their reflection on cultural and gender identities. Bringing humorous and dramatic situations often simultaneously, her works play with ambiguity and uncertainty. The performative element is central to her practice, which often challenges boundaries between fiction and fact, and discusses the power of narratives over our perception of reality. Maya was born in Brazil in 1979, moved to Israel in 2005 and to the United Kingdom in 2011. She graduated at Hamidrasha School of Arts, Israel, in 2010; during her studies she was awarded two prizes, and has been invited to represent the school at the Student’s Biennale in Italy in 2009. Main group shows include ’After Cinema’ at Yaffo 23 in Jerusalem (2010) and MomentMAL at the Werkbund Conference in Koblenz (2012), alongside several screenings and online magazines. She is currently taking her MFA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, London.